Organic Varagu 500g  RICE & MILLETS
Organic Varagu 500g  RICE & MILLETS

RICE & MILLETSOrganic Varagu 500g

Rs. 59.00

In the olden times, diabetes used to be a rare disease… a rich man’s disease. Because poor people and the farmers ate whole grains and millets as their staple food. Nellarisi or white rice was a rarity, saved only for weddings and festivities. The women folk would bring their farmer husbands a pot full of ‘kanji’, ‘koozh’ or ‘kali’ with buttermilk, pickles and small onions for lunch. They would eat together, heartily after a hard day’s work. This is what kept them fit and healthy. Try cooking these little millets for lunch, or even make dosai, idli, pilau, biryani or sakkarai pongal- truly hearty, healthy and delicious. -Naturlly organic ( pest resistant) -gluten free -anti-oxidant rich -nutrient rich -high fibre content -ideal protein source for vegetarians -reduces cholesterol -controls blood sugar -prevents constipation

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