Organic Poongar Idli Rice (boiled) 1kg RICE & MILLETS
Organic Poongar Idli Rice (boiled) 1kg RICE & MILLETS

RICE & MILLETSOrganic Poongar Idli Rice (boiled) 1kg

Rs. 95.00

Poongar Boiled rice-Organic (30% polished) This beautiful russet coloured traditional variety of rice is a culinary superstar- for its nutritional health benefits and the way it turns out gorgeous soft idlis! Porridge made from this rice, is really a boost for pregnant mothers. Don’t let the exotic look of this rice fool you. It could easily become a staple, as the taste is quite comforting. Farmers love to make this rice into a 'neeragaram' (old rice soaked in water overnight), and eat it the next day with a crunch of small onion and pickle to help them power through the day.This small simple dish can actually make life more interesting :) Organic Good for diabetic people Whole grain Fibre rich, good source of complex carbohydrates Gluten free Non GMO

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