Thuvaram Parupu (Toor Dal) 500g  DALS
Thuvaram Parupu (Toor Dal) 500g  DALS

DALS Thuvaram Parupu (Toor Dal) 500g

Rs. 50.00

This regular, simple dal has a pretty cool history. It dates back at least 3500 years. From India, it travelled to Africa to Europe. It came to be known as ‘Congo Pea’ or ‘Pigeon pea’. It later came to the American continent through slave trade. This ‘paruppu’ is unbeatable in quality. ‘Muthu mutha irukkum’- said the farmer. And true, we were surprised to see how beautiful and fine these simple lentils could be. This dal is a good source of protein, and very tasty in a sambar.

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