Organic Roasted Monkey Coffee (powder200g)  BEVERAGES
Organic Roasted Monkey Coffee (powder200g)  BEVERAGES

BEVERAGES Organic Roasted Monkey Coffee (powder200g)

Rs. 504.00

Gourmet Monkey Parchment coffee: It hits the G-spot of your mouth ;)

The sweetest and most complex of Indian Arabica, these beans are extremely rare. This coffee runs the whole spectrum of flavours found in coffee from Citrus to nutty, chocolate and vanilla. Heavy bodied with a pleasant rounded acidity and seemingly no bitterness, this coffee is a truly unique treat. Rhesus monkeys found in Tamizh Nadu’s hills are very picky eaters and choose only the ripest sweetest cherries. They chew it for a while and spit out the parchment covered coffee beans on the forest floor. Our trained workers go treasure-hunting for these beans, and hand pick them one by one. These are then washed repeatedly, before being sun-dried, roasted and ground to perfection. Their taste is a result of the specific enzymatic breakdown of the fruit that occurs in the monkeys’ mouth.

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