Organic Roasted Arabica Coffee (Powder 200g)  BEVERAGES
Organic Roasted Arabica Coffee (Powder 200g)  BEVERAGES

BEVERAGES Organic Roasted Arabica Coffee (Powder 200g)

Rs. 189.00

.Organic Arabica Coffee beans: This product is close to our heart since it comes from our very own coffee plantations in Yercaud. The entire terroir comes together to construct the aroma, body, flavour and acidity of the bean. The ripest red coffee cherries are hand harvested, water processed and then sun-dried by our experienced farmers. Then we roast them at our storehouse to bring out the bean’s natural personality. It is then allowed to ‘breathe’ before being ground. This coffee would make a beautiful start to your day or just a happy cuppa to relax with.This could also make a perfect gift to coffee connoisseurs. Degree kaapi or americano, your choice! Quick fact: Did you know that Coffee was introduced into India by 17th century Sufi saint Baba Budan, who brought coffee beans from Mocha (Arabic: المخا al-Mukhā), southwestern Yemen, to the hills of Chikmagalur in Karnataka state in 1670.

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