Organic Cow ghee 250ml  DAIRY & EGGS
Organic Cow ghee 250ml  DAIRY & EGGS

DAIRY & EGGS Organic Cow ghee 250ml

Rs. 214.00

Our ghee is not machine extracted from milk. The milk is got from grass-fed cows. It is then allowed to set overnight into curd, then made into buttermilk, and finally churned out by hand. According to modern science and Ayurveda, ghee has a host of health benefits and is good for the mind and spirit. It is a pure food, that is considered one of the most ‘satvic’. ‘Satvic' foods promote positivity and expansion of consciousness. Cows are considered sacred because they receive and store spiritual energies from the environment. Cow’s milk is the essence of those energies, and ghee is the essence of milk. A tablespoon or two of ghee a day, keeps your joints lubricated and keeps your skin supple and glowing. It is also believed to aid weight loss. Rich in Vitamin A & E Rich in K2 and CLA (conjugated linoleum acid)

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