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Food is your direct connection to this beautiful earth.

Our customers say..

  • Organic Cow ghee 250ml

    Awesome tase... Good Quality Ghee

    Eldose George

  • Cold Pressed Organic Unsulphured coconut oil 1L

    This Oil smells and taste like the home made Coconut Oil. Good product

    Eldose George

  • Organic Ragi flour 500g

    This flour was really good, especially with the black jaggery and a bit of cardamom. It does definitely taste different from the usual ragi store bought flour. Worth buying!


  • Organic Panavellam (Tiruchendur Karupatti) 500g

    We were in for a surprise because we did not expect it to taste so good!! We had always been buying the store-bought stuff, straining it and then using it because it always had a lot of black inedible pieces in it. With this organic one, we could safely eat it - it was so clean and I honestly did not know that this was indeed the 'real' taste after all. It is also very soft so not much pounding is required and we sometimes eat it as a snack, if we feel the need for a bit of iron! Thank you very much for all that your team is doing - your work is much appreciated!!


  • Organic Kuthiravali 500g

    The product is very clean and good taste ; i purchased the same from other organic sellers ; the best i got will be this.


  • Camembert cheese (220g)

    Oh my god! This is some phenomenal cheese. Love it so much. Must Buy <3 It is made with all natural ingredients- which is the best part. Bake it with some rosemary and garlic.. pure heaven.


  • Ram-Sita phal 1kg

    So creamy, very few seeds. Very exotic and delicious- My whole family enjoyed it! A must buy. Also a good gift.